: Cvs, Jobs, Aufgaben und Praktika im Ausland in Kanada : Lebensläufe, Anstellungen, Aufgaben und Praktika fait partie de la 1ère plate-forme multi-spécialisée de 3.000 sites Internet de recherche de compétences Kanada est membre de une plate-forme de recrutement présente dans 40 pays.

Seit 10 Jahren hat Enligne 1/4 Million Personen Arbeit zu finden befähigt.

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international-enligne bietet einigen Losungen zu Begutachtungen, je nach dem Vertrag Sie wollen unterzeichnen : Handelsvertrag, unbefristeter Vertrag oder Zeitvertrag, Praktikumvertrag.

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international-enligne befähigt KOSTENLOS Ihren Leistungen vorzustellen, und zu Anstellungen, Aufgaben oder Praktika bewerben.

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Consultant en negociations de contrats internationaux Conseil lancement-accompagnement sociétés aux Etats-Unis
Conseil lancement-accompagnement sociétés aux USA : réglementations, organisation, management a complete service, including new business conception and set up, product development, product naming, e-commerce regulations, strategic planning and visioning, process improvement team and human resources development and contracts expertise in a international environment • Business relationships with consumers, advertising: advising the company about what can be considered as an unfair, deceptive, or fraudulent practices and especially about : - Tobacco and alcohol advertising, - Advertising claims for food and over-the-counter drugs, particularly those relating to nutritional or health benefits of foods and safety and effectiveness of drugs or medical devices. • Human Resources Management: managing a broad area of employment law that controls how employers must treat employees, former employees, and applicants for employment that includes a wide variety of issues like Pension Plans, Retirement, Occupational Safety & Health Regulations, Affirmative Action, discrimination in the Workplace and sexual harassment • International business and contracts : - Drafting and reviewing contracts in an international environment, - Reviewing and negotiation of confidentiality agreements, distribution agreements.. - Contract advisor (France, USA, Canada) and sales contractor • Management of intellectual property protection including management of trademarks, trade names, copyrights and patents • Corporate and business management: articles of association, intra-group share, purchase agreements, proxies, waiver letters,… • Debts collection
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